Pipe Dreams – The Book of Demons by Peter Turner (781 pages, RARE)




To the person holding this book,
What you have in your hands is a collection of my most
private notes, ungrammatical in nature yet fully
comprehendible (a piece of the elusive grail).
Take every single word on these pages
and treasure them.
Be selfish (it’s not a crime).
Only a few people in the world will be lucky enough to read
these pages, I say this in the least egotistical sense possible
and you are amongst that elite number. Some ideas in these
notes are fully formed, others are just seeds that you can take
and make into wonderful, deceiving pieces of REAL mind
This material is not something you will be no performing
tonight or tomorrow but once learnt you will be performing
for the rest of your life. Take the time to read and then reread
everything in here, I promise you its life changing.