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Finally, Lewis Le Val releases an entire ebook dedicated to the art of giving readings! Real readings!

Inspired by the Oracle Of Delphi and other ancient oracles, this 46 page ebook goes “in depth and beyond” on the art of giving genuine, intuitive readings.

– NOTHING to memorise
– NO cold reading or stock lines
– NO alphabetical systems
– NO props of any kind
– NO fishing
– NO trickery AT ALL

This is as REAL as it gets. Rather than learning a new system, you will be tapping into your own, natural ability to be able to give readings in the truest sense. Everything that you would need to know is within these pages, no stone is left unturned.

The book is written in the form of a lecture, which covers;

– What readings are
– Why reading systems are too limited
– The use of altered states of consciousness and brainwaves
– Why “psychic” doesn’t matter
– Ego Vs Oracle
– Getting hits, what matters and what doesn’t
– The connection, separation and bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind
– Why people should listen to you
– How to begin doing readings right away
– Creating an inner Oracle
– The greatest mystery of modern science
– Impossible Vs Unfathomable
– Unlocking creativity
– Tips from the men who talk to the dead
– Ethics and honesty
– Interpretation
– Giving advice
– Psychic or Psychological approach
– “The Modern Pythia” Le Val’s script and structure for giving readings anywhere at anytime.

and more.

Even Le Val’s opening script for giving readings, which he calls “The Ballroom” is enough to make any mentalist or mystery artist say, “Oh s**t that’s good!”, which of course is also included.

Although this book delves in deep, the techniques are not difficult. Armed with nothing but the knowledge that you will gain from this book, you will always be ready to do real readings for anyone and everyone, wherever you go.


For a LIMITED TIME ONLY you will also receive a FREE BONUS DOWNLOAD, Lewis Le Val’s ebook, “The Secret To Palm Reading” which contains a beautiful and elegant approach to reading palms that is entirely different from every other palmistry approach. Without needing to learn any meanings of any lines on the hand, you will be able to begin reading palms immediately after reading this ebook. This method requires some of the skills that you will lean in “Pythia”, so be sure to read that first!