Retention Z: Revisited by Zee J. Yan




I have a weird obsession with stealing coins out from my own hands, so I came up with numerous ways of doing that.

Retention Z: Revisited is a compilation of 8 of my retention vanishes related techniques and 2 coin-thru-hand effects.

After watching almost an hour of me talking and doing variations of retention vanishes, you will not only find your new favorite way of stealing coins but also will never look at sleight of hands the same way ever again.

Delicate techniques are difficult to teach and learn, but, after doing numerous private sessions and both online and offline lectures around the world, I have figured out a teaching method that is perfect for sleight of hand artists like us! 

With me explaining why I do what I do and my bullet-point instruction style of teaching, I am confident that you will have one of the smoothest sleight-of-hand learning experience. 

There are 8 techniques and 2 effects shared in Retention Z: Revisited.

And, I am proud of every single one of them.