Ross Tayler – As I Say, Not As I Do


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I’ve had a long term fascination with the Do As I Do plot, it’s inherently interactive, engaging and very magical.

In 2017, whilst taking a short break from performing, I wrote a small booklet, detailing a number of my closely guarded methods for the plot. I sent this only to my closest friends within the community, 10 or so of the best card magicians and mentalists in the world. The feedback was overwhelming.

Having returned to performing myself, I felt the time was right to release these pages to the community at large.

Left largely in their original form (and as such, I must warn you, littered with foul language and blue humour), I hope these notes will inspire you as to the numerous methodological possibilities within this plot, as well as equipping you with some incredibly direct, practical and fooling methods.

All the best,

Ross, February 2018