Ryan Kane – Out of Stock: A Magician’s Guide to Writing Your Own Lines


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Take your magic from standard to standout!This is a book for the performing magician or variety artist who is ready to get serious and move beyond using the standard lines.

Ryan Kane provides a step-by-step process to replace the stock and stolen jokes in your show with fresh original content. It is the same process that he used to transform his act from a clone into something he could be proud of. Follow in his footsteps to create more substantial, more plentiful, and more original laughs for your show. Create an act you can take pride in calling your own.

Within these pages you will learn:• How to successfully identify, remove, and replace stolen lines in your show with funny and original jokes• How to react to unexpected moments onstage without relying on stock material, clichés, or easy gags• A super simple writing technique which never fails to generate funny ideas• Over seventy real world situations you should have lines and jokes prepared for• Practical tips to polish up your character and presentations for the modern audience• How to transform generic lines of patter into original scripts• The exact types of jokes you should be writing for each new routine• The Ten Commandments of Close-up Magic• The four custom jokes you should be writing specific to every gig you bookAnd more!