Scryer’s 13 – Richard Webster (eBook)




For many of you, just the below information will be enough to justify the purchase…  However, more details relative to the specifics of the content shall be forthcoming.

Contributors: (Alpha Order) Keith Barry, Meraux Dantes, Jerome Finley, Sidney Free, Docc Hilford, Ross Johnson, Ted Karmilovich, Darrel Mac, Tony MichaelsRichard Osterlind, Sandra Sisti, Peter Turner, Richard Webster.

A Peek Inside! A partial small teaser of “some” of the contents in Scryer’s 13!

Scryer’s Gypsy Fortune Telling Machine Reading:

Possibly the easiest reading you could every do, with an exceptionally strong impact. It’s so easy you’ll be able to do it in a few minutes plus you get your information out there -while you are getting paid.

Scryer’s Human Pendulum Invisible Deck: How’s this for something different? The spectator actually becomes the pendulum!

 Scryer’s Signature Duplication: This is a tribute to Dr. Jaks – a reputation maker for sure. Performer Jon Stetson kills with this and very few of Scryer’s closest friends — until now — have used this technique with great success… Hard to part with, but it’s here…

A Bizzarist Dream Come True: A foolproof safe “smash and stab” that uses a prop but ends with and extremely strong emotion kicker. No one can get hurt on this – the spectators and performer are actually guided by a “passed spirit.”

Scryer’s Easy Coin Bend:  Like you have NEVER seen before. Expect standing ovations – also only tipped to a few of his closest friends. This is real work, no gimmicks, and a signed and bended coin with their name on it. Completely different the previous coin bend shared in Scryer and Friends.

More Reputation Makers from Scryer  “included.” Stay Tuned. Sneak peak below from only four of the chosen “13” contributors!

The Osterlind Read:  In his masterpiece “The Osterlind Read,” Richard explains a brand new approach where one spectator reads another and the performer shows he does the exact same thing, but in even greater detail! It is a mind-boggling demonstration that shatters the audience thinking processes!

Medium Rare – Jerome Finley: Jerome’s information should probably not have been included, especially as he is only bringing this information to light and giving it a voice for someone else who wishes to remain behind the scenes. A prominent psychic, gifted spiritual healer and clairvoyant medium who he refers to as “Bee.”

Keith Barry – Magical Memories: This has been played out in front of 30,000 people in Ireland! Killer!

Peter Turner – Getting To Know You: Absolute masterpiece ….

 Richard Webster – How to hypnotize a person with a Pendulum: Classic Killer Webster…

Please guard this book carefully, as it contains some of the best material in the world of mentalism.

Testimonials and Endorsements and Reviews:

“Killer Material! Enuff said…. “- Ted Karmilovich

“Scryer is taking the mentalism world by storm! Read his books and learn why!” – Jeff McBride Creator of THE MAGIC & MYSTERY SCHOOL

“I predict for the owner, ’13’ is a lucky number “- Marc Salem

“I’m a full-time mentalist/psychic practicing the art in the UK – Simply Put – I have purchased all of Scryer’s works and am on this list for this! Thank God for Scryer!  – L. R. UK

As usual top notch stuff. This should be on everyone’s book shelf..  – Tony Razzano

“Scryer’s 13 is guaranteed to be one of the most powerful, personally cherished and re-read books in your entire library… Mark my words! ” Jerome Finley!

It should of been called, 13 Steps to Mentalism but that title has already been taken –  it’s that good! –  Neal Rider