Shadowplay by Watkins (Instant Download)


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In this PDF Download, you will find the ‘outside the box’ secrets, plots, and techniques Watkins has become known for. Focusing this time on Billets, and the ‘behind the scenes’ tactics Watkins uses throughout his Close Up sets, The material in this book has been performed and tested in front of audiences and magic clubs all across the USA. What started as a collection of ‘lecture notes’ for the tour eventually turned into a full treatise on methods that take place in the shadows of performance. If you enjoyed “Jhana” and “Positive/Negative” you will already know the kind of thinking you’re in for with “Shadowplay”

Here are a few of the things you will find within these pages:

An ‘About the Author’ by Kent Axell

“Calendar on the Wall”- A guided explanation on exactly how Watkins handles billets, and their justification in performance. A participant writes down the name of someone close to them. The performer then reveals the name as well as the participant’s birthdate.

“Failed Psychometry”- a way to justify billet switches, center tears and peeks

“Instant Preshow”- One of the most deceptive ways of gaining secret information in the midst of a Mentalistm set, with this strategy you will do your pre-show in the middle of your act! The Performer has a participant write down a name of someone close to them. Without ever touching the billet the Performer reveals the name as well as the participants date of birth and more..

“CT Memory Divination” – A lesson on getting as much as you can out of as little information as possible. Learn how to reveal secret details about a participant’s memory using nothing but a Center Tear

“Thought Switching”- This mind-bending strategy will set you so far ahead of your audience’s thought process, the method becomes invisible. With this you will learn how to turn any peeked information into a ‘Spectator as Mind Reader’ effect

“My Imaginary Friend”- a participant divines the name of the performers imaginary friend. The only effect in this book that isn’t fool-proof, but when it hits you have a miracle.

“The Backward Force” – A participant is asked to close their eyes. The mentalist presents a stack of cards with ‘challenges’ for the performer written on them. The mentalist draws a random ‘challenge card’ for a participant and instantly divines the information. This routine is layered with so much deception, any attempt to work it out by even the most intelligent participant will get them lost in a jungle of logical disconnects.

“Night Gallery” – the Mentalist presents a folded piece of paper and claims there is a drawing on the inside. A participant holds it and changes their mind multiple times yet is still able to divine the drawing

You will also get links to secret videos of Watkins performing and lecturing some of this material
Plus much more!