Sick 2 By Ponta the Smith




Learn Coin Magic by Watching the Video
In 2009, Ponta the Smith’s Sick changed the face of coin magic, opening up new technical and visual possibilities.

Here in the long-awaited sequel, Ponta shows not just how, but also why. Along with a fresh selection of new effects and sleights, Ponta will also guide you step-by-step through his thought process. This will allow you to take the important lessons on structure, timing and movement contained in Sick 2 and apply them to your own creations.


3 fly – In this new handling, palms are show after each phase, and there is an elegant solution to the final coin.

3 Coins Across The cleanest coins across you’ll ever see, with pure sleight-of-hand and clever structure.

Winged Silver – An update on this classic, with no wasted movement whatsoever.

Homing Coin – Fred Kaps’ classic card effect gets the Ponta treatment.

PPP – A variation of Charming Chinese Challenge with no extras or gimmicks

Vanish – A surefire method of getting into and out of the so-called ‘perfect’ vanish