Silence by Alexander Marsh Instant Download




“A superb technique… every mentalist needs to know this” – Marc Paul

“You reach a point in your studies when you have a method to achieve pretty much every conceivable effect. That’s an important knowledge base, but audiences shouldn’t perceive methods – the only thing they should appreciate is the PRESENTATION, the “magic” of your performance. Alexander’s “Sixth Sense Ploy” is a simple idea that allows you to squeeze a great deal of drama from any information that you have to reveal. I have used it in EVERY single one of my professional shows for the last four years. “Silence” is a Masterclass that elevates and stretches the basic concept in new and exciting directions!” – Drew Backenstoss

“A full in depth explanation where Alex shares a fantastic way to make your reveals visual! And not only that, you will also learn multiple routines and methods from his professional repertoire that you can use with the Sixth Sense Method.” – Luca Volpe

A system that will make your performances unforgettable.

Revealing thoughts are easy. Making mind reading believable is probably the most difficult feat in mentalism. Silence does both. It provides an easy way to make your performances believable and REALLY stand out.

Most mind reading presentations are similar. The spectator has a thought in mind and you tell them what they are thinking. Whether you reveal it in ashes, on a billboard or even just tell them what they are thinking in many ways it is all the same. Where silence is different is its visual approach to revealing thoughts. Not only are you able to reveal to reveal thoughts visually but Alex teaches mind control/PK touch style effects and even close up presentations.

Silence is entertaining, it demands the audience’s attention and it can play as a very serious demonstration of skill and ability. This download is packed with never before released material straight from Alex’s worldwide theater tour.