Simplicity – Reese Goodley




Mentalist’s – Reese Goodley has dropped the 4th in his collection and it is lush.


It does exactly what it says on the tin. If you have followed Reese’s journey you’ll know that his material is practical, simple and yet powerful.

This is no different!

It’s essentially a collection of effects you can do with just your hands!

Locker Combo – This is an incredibly clever pin divination that is easy to execute, quick and powerful. It’s sexy, sleek and allows you to easily read the participants mind with nothing in your pockets and no convoluted processes.

Rock Bottom – A popular plot “rock, paper scissors” but not presented in the standard sense. Imagine being able to play Rock, Paper Scissors and simultaneously climb into your participant’s mind and steal a drawing they made up on the spot! Did I mention they never write it down?

Reese has cleverly found a way to integrate Rock, Paper Scissors into your existing routines and win every time.

Which hand – Peter Turner add’s his thoughts pertaining to the “which hand” plot to share with you a series of ways to divine which hand an object is in… This fooled Reese for months before Peter decided to ever share the method with him.

Come undone – Reese discusses a way to have a participant stick themselves to anything, anyplace anytime without having to resort to hypnosis and Peter Turner weighs in with his thoughts on how you can use suggestion or hypnosis to achieve similar results.