Skin by Benjamin Earl




You probably know Ben Earl as one of the world’s best card stars. You’ve probably seen his Past Midnight DVDs (and if you haven’t, you should) and been amazed at just how good he is. If you’re in that group, we’ve got some news for you: Ben is also an amazing practitioner of psychological touches in magic.

Skin is not just another variation on the standard coin bend – it is a psychological performance piece that will amaze you. Without hype, we can tell you that it’s so incredibly fooling that it’s probably as close to real magic that a coin trick can get. But to call this a coin trick is a mis-justice: Skin is about people and not about coins.

Be prepared to spend a lot of time working on suggestion and timing over sleight of hand. This is Ben Earl as you’ve never seen him before and I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There’s nothing more that we can say; go straight down to watch the video and witness the reactions that you could achieve with your magic.