Sonder by Fraser Parker (eBook)




Sonder – n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

Fraser explores the use of readings technique as a tool to know specific information your spectator is thinking.

Using Sonder to reading minds, learn to walk up to a complete stranger and by doing nothing other than speaking to them for a moment – in a readings context – divine actual pieces of solid information surrounding their life and other thought of information – including ways to divine star signs, thought of drawings, playing cards, memories and more.

Sonder includes entirely new work from Fraser something he feels will once again change how others perform Mentalism.

“Another step in the right direction towards the holy grail of prop-less, effortless mind-reading brought about conversational context”.

No language restrictions.


The principle in the book is solid in theory. Essentially one principle repeated over and over that enables to perform a series of different effects. The plus’ about the book : Well written, and gives the ability to perform the listed effects (in the book). The detail of language is great and Fraser is using certain phraseology at certain points is covered in good depth.


This is essentially a linguistic principle that can be applied to a multitude of effects including star sign guessing (which is what I would use it for). It reminds me of a method that I saw Peter Turner do in the past but Peter’s version was far less solid than this and sometimes it failed for me. This version makes it almost impossible to fail but Fraser provided a missing link to making the script deceptive. It will fit well with a series of readings so that it allows you to harvest some additional information.