Switch Doctor by Max Maven (Instant Download)




“Just the right amount of hands-on spectator activity and a visual finish that is smart, playful and surprising.” – Michael Weber

“Switch Doctor is an example of one of my favorite mentalism plots, and now it’s one of my favorite versions. Before any of the trick’s actions take place, Max’s participant is already in a state of mirthful anticipation. This fantastic beginning is outmatched only by the ending. Best of all, Max’s discoveries on the history of the trick are as wonderful as the effect itself.” – Jared Kopf

“This is my stuff! The principle behind has fascinated me for years – until today! I really like the construction of this routine, all objects are borrowed or provided by the participant. It is up to you whether you want to perform it as a mere prediction effect or as a phenomenon of influence. The final prediction is in play from the very beginning, the spectator sees it but will not recognize it as such until you show him. This is a wonderful lesson; you learn something which you can use also in completely different settings or routines.” – Jan Forster

In these strange new times, magicians and mentalists are exploring new conditions. Shows are performed from afar, using Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and other technologies. Creating amazement within often restrictive conditions can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately, you’ve got a guide who has been exploring these strange territories for many years. MAX MAVEN began pioneering interactive magic over forty years ago, and he has put that experience to work for you, by devising powerful routines that connect to audiences through a virtual reality. Take your journey into the virtual space with Switch Doctor.

Here’s what happens:

A stunning long-distance surprise, using materials that the participant has around the the house: three pieces of paper, a pen, a coin, and a key. A game is played, with the materials out of the performer’s view. Objects are moved and switched, with enough freedom of choice that there’s no way the performer could know the position of anything. And yet, the final item is not only revealed, the performer proves that it was secretly predicted well in advance.