Tackling Terrifying Taboos 4 The Year Of The Ouija with Jamie Daws Instant Download




This year, YOU are part of the experience…

For the first time in Taboos history, you are going to get to experience the terror first-hand from the comfort (or not) of your own home. Using everyday objects you have lying around the house, you too can discover the power of the Ouija.

Join me in one of the worlds first, live streamed, interactive seance and discover the fascinating truth of the Ouija board.

Discover the truth about then men who invented the original Ouija board as a novelty toy board game and how it believed that the word “Ouija” was an accidental misreading of the name Ouida, the name of a woman’s rights activist.

So, if this is just a kids board game and the origins of the word Ouija was just a mistake, then there is nothing to be worried about? … right?

Based on actual events uncovered by Ouija historian Robert Murch, did Mary-Ann Michaels really become possessed by the board?

Or how in 1921, a man tried to explain to the nurses of a New York psychiatric hospital that the Ouija board had told him to murder 5 men in a specific sequence before leaving them 13 hours to rot before putting them into individual freezers in a warehouse. One of the first warehouses that were once used to make Ouija boards…

We are going to call upon his spirit together and ask him, why did he have to murder them in a sequence, why 13 hours and how did a simple, harmless board game drive him to do such horrendous things? A few of you who are brave enough can even join us live on camera so we, with everyone else can experience what happens to you, in your home.

When you purchase your ticket, you will have access to a PDF and a short video. The PDF details all of the things you will need to join in live as well as artwork to a Ouija Oracle. The video briefly teaches you how to assemble the Oracle.

Will you hear ghostly raps and knocks in your home as you ask for signs of the afterlife? Will the photos on your walls and the objects on your shelves start flying off? Will the spirits let themselves be seen in your home?