The 7th Degree by Simon South (Instant Download)




Ever wanted to do a magic square effect, but been worried about the maths aspect or can’t seem to get it to connect with your audience? The 7th Degree is for you.

The performer asks someone to choose a famous actor. After the actor has been chosen the performer proceeds to talk about the game ‘6 degrees of Kevin Bacon’ – The idea of which is that any celebrity is in some way no matter how tenuous is linked in some way to Kevin Bacon, and discusses how they are a massive film nerd. The performer then proceeds to draw a grid based on the actor that was named.

Upon the grid conclusion, going horizontally every single link in every line adds up to the actor mentioned. Going vertically every single line ends up with the actor mentioned. In fact every single person in the grid has worked in some way with the actor mentioned at the start!

This is the Magic Square for those wanting something different. This is the 7th Degree