The Best I Ca(a)n by Joël Harbers is a great impromptu version of the classic Any Card At Any Number plot!

BORROW a deck of cards and make sure it is well mixed. Two spectators will help you with this great miracle.
Have spectator one cut of about half the deck. Spectator two cuts the remainder of the deck in half and he silently counts the number of cards he picked.

In the meantime, spectator one selects ANY card from his pile and he remembers that card.

All the cards are gathered together and the magicians give both spectators about half the deck.

They both start dealing the cards face down until one of them decides to STOP dealing. Now they SWITCH their packets and continue dealing. At one point they stop again and shuffle their cards! If all the cards are laid down, one of the spectators picks up his pile and places it on top of the other. In all this dealing, shuffling, and switching the magician NEVER touches the cards.

Now, spectator two reveals his thought-off number for the very first time, picks up the deck, and deals to his selected number. When the card is turned over it reveals the selected card from spectator one!

The Best I Ca(a)n is a GREAT miracle that can be done totally impromptu.

NO gimmicks
NO setup
Very easy to learn and to perform.

This will fool your magic friends too!

Learn it today.