The Dead Language by Tabraze & Robin Sheikh




The Dead Language is not your ordinary two-person telepathy system.

Where as most marketed codes are best suited to the performer writing the manual. The Dead Language takes a revolutionary approach, giving you the power to create your own, natural-sounding two-person telepathy system.

This manuscript is an excellent resource for anyone starting to learn the inner workings of two-person telepathy systems or even the professional looking to elevate their system to something that is more personal to their act without sounding unnatural.

In The Dead Language, you will learn how to create and tailor your act to not only be unique to your performance but also using a natural vernacular that fits your character.

You will also understand the methods from the medium’s perspective giving this book an important piece other books are missing.

From how to interpret the codes and remembering long pieces of information to practicing and revealing information.

The medium’s tips and advice will aid the receiver to bring their performance to the next level.

Tried and tested by The Modern Mind Readers Tabraze and Robin you will benefit from years of working experience. These up and coming stars of Mentalism will guide you on this journey of creating and developing a two-person telepathy act that will leave audiences speechless.

“You have one of the best, or even the best system.” – Satori

“Wonderful” – Marc Salem

“One of the best and most natural code acts I’ve ever seen!” – Frances Willard

“The Dead Language will provide you with important knowledge as well as a powerful framework to be able to create your own code for two person telepathy. If you’re into this type of act, I can guarantee that you will find solid advice from the minds of those that excel at this ability” – Andreu