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Scryer’s Confidant’s – The End – Scryer’s Confidants – Richard Webster – First Edition. This book has been be coded for protection for anti-piracy purposes in various places. Introducing The Urban Shaman and underground mentalist who is 1/3rd of the coveted group known only as “The3”

Contributions from Richard Webster. Three amazing effects from the master himself. Simply brilliant.

  • Not So Muscular
  • Windows of the Soul
  • Innocent or Guilty

Contribution from the legendary Michael Weber
Tabula Rasa: A modified handling of the classic spirit slates. However, with a unique execution and flair for presentation that make it possibly one of the greatest handlings in the world by the master himself. Enough said.

Contributions from Neal Scryer

  • Aura PK touch: A new twist on the pk touch with a aura twist you don’t do the work the spectator does the work a new and clever approach as he get the credit.
  • Scryer’s Himber Wallet: A quick opener using two lady spectators and a gentlemen .uses a rose with prediction is spot on very cute and engaging and clever handling so convincing. The effect is so versatile can be used to pick any two things.
  • Three Fingers: A very clever way of doing a reading even though an old palmistry method is used without any clue of palmistry extreme clever way to lead into a reading and very powerful and as close to being as accurate as it gets.
  • Compatibility: Two spectators man and wife are used two rings are used one there’s and one yours and two cups. aA real gem and they will always be right and feel good after a great opener.
  • Scryer’s Which Hand: A different approach using five people rather than one a new and clever handling.All names are written on pad and you predict which hand on all. A real gem.
  • Scryer’s Q & A Reading: A clever approach and getting a big mailing list extremely clever.
  • Scryer’s Magical Moment: One of his favorites, because it is direct and simple.  This is real and teaches everyone teaching how to send positive thoughts and energy to others. You will be highly respected and doing a service to mankind. My clientele has been built up with this and yours can be as well. Be kind and believe.  Plus many more effects from scryer.

Contributions from:

Steve Drury

  • Deer Seal Walking: Another brilliant thinker and a brother to me. This is a fantastic ice breaker whihc uses the whole audience which sets the tone and greatly improves participatation. A yogic experience they will never forget. This is the Rembrandt of any act no words to describe it. In my eyes – it’s priceless… I am grateful Steve for this contribution.

Charles Garner

  • Why Do People Visit Psychic Readers: A real gem for the working reader a real classic from one of the top readers in the country a must for the serious reader many valuable tips.

Helmuth Grunewald

  • The Pendulum Prayer: A effect that makes your spectator feel great for a long time. This is brilliant a masterpiece nothing like it worth the price of book by itself. Was honored when Helmut gave this to Mark Stevens I have no words . A new way in are art a priceless Gem simply brilliant. I will use this every time plus it uses a simple pendulum and a stand alone Dr. feel good piece. This will make you stand out like no other.

Scott St Clair

  • Paper Reading: So easy and brilliant simply killer and so honored to have scott in my book for first and honored to call him a friend. This piece uses one paper and much mileage and person does reading. A real masterpiece brilliant scott from a brilliant thinker . He also has another effect in book CMP+.

AG Urban Shaman

  • Parting The Veil: A multi phase mediumistic theatre. The ritual, The shamanic heartbeat. The heart stop and finally the full seance. This piece is brilliant and can be sold for 1000 dollars alone. Was honored when The Urban Shaman contributed this to me as he has never put anything in print previously. Also three other effects by The Urban Shaman – all with the same power and intensity.  His other effect A Rose By Another Name a PK touch is priceless.

High Priest D. Able

  • Stigmata: Stigmata with a amazing twist this one is simply killer.

Di Mon

  • Good Night Sweet Prince: This will stay with your spectator for a long time, real twisted and very strange.

Matt Pulsar

  • You Are A Medium: A performance for a gathered audience a masterpiece again from one of the top guys in the industry. This one is priceless a stand alone piece and this piece allows the individual to be their own medium.

Dr. Jeremy Weiss

  • One For The Winnie’s – a brilliant effect. Dr. Weiss has a brilliant mind and is a great thinker.
  • Correlation: Also a excerpt from his book – titled correlation, which I think is no longer in print.  It’s priceless and will make you think in a way you never have before.

Take this art to a new level – with The End – Scryer’s Confidants – By Richard Webster