The Gallery Prediction by Amir Mughal (Instant Download)




The Gallery Prediction allows you to be able to perform perfect prediction effects at moments notice.

Works with any Android Phone (IOS devices are not compatible).

Even works through video calls / zoom sessions!

Effect 01: Any Photo At Any Number

Imagine this you ask the spectator to freely call out any number. Now you scroll through your photos and stop the scrolling at the number chosen by the spectator. The photo at the chosen number by the spectator matches the prediction.

Effect 02: The Blind Prediction

Imagine this you scroll through photos back and forth randomly without looking at them. You ask the spectator to call out stop anytime he wants. Immediately at their stop call you turn over the phone to show the photo spectator stopped at. Incredibly the chosen photo matches the prediction.

Bonus Effect: Number Prediction
You ask the spectator to type in a random number in the dial pad app of your phone. The number typed by the spectator matches the prediction.

This is a Super direct piece of mentalist that will allow you to predict any photo. No other effect can surprise your spectator with so little effort!

Key Features

Can be performed in person OR ‘Virtual’ (Skype / Zoom).
Works with any Android Phone.
Does not require Internet Connection for Performance.
Incredibly easy to perform.
No custom magic app.
The Phone can be completely examined by the spectator after / before the photo is selected.
The reset is less than 1 minute! Simple to do!