“It is amazing cover to cover. Brilliant ideas and clear explanation of execution. I expect to add several to my formal and informal performances. Jose is a mentalists dream producer.” -Marc Salem


“I’ve been reading Jose’s ideas for years and have always been impressed with his thinking. This is a fantastic collection of clever routines, devious methods and strong presentations. Make sure you read the chapter on reveals as it will make ALL your mentalism more impactful. Overall a great book by a clever thinker.” –Marc Paul


“Having not only read, but contributed to José’s masterpiece “TMWKHTAAM”, I can attest to the strength and practicality of the routines and concepts explored in this tome. 

Between these leaves; You will find a vast plethora of ideas that will easily and effectively slot right into your act, without creating chaos… except for in the minds and the reactions of your audiences. 

This is a worthy investment for any mind reader; it sits on my digital shelf next to the classics and I’ve no doubt it’ll find a place of similar regard on yours.” –Dee Christopher


Jose Prager’s The Man Who Knows: How to Amuse and Mystify, is chock full of practical ideas that every working mentalist can slot right into their current performing repertoire. The ebook covers nearly fifty different routines as well as deep insight into not only how the effects and methods work, but why they work.

Jose takes a hard and practical look at mentalism and creates organic and natural pieces that answer the question most often posed by audiences: “Can you read my mind?”.

Jose also shares new twists and approaches on book tests, billet readings, “which hand” effects, coin tosses, truth/lie routines, working with ESP symbols, multiple outs, and forces, just to name a few.

You will learn new secret methods and concepts, for creating your own impression devices, ideas on using billets, peek wallets, reveals and forcing selections, often using no props whatsoever.

These are powerful tools that should be in every mentalist’s arsenal.

TMHKHTAAM is full of practical, real world advice which will take your mind reading to the next level. The next time someone says “can you read my mind?” you will not only be able to answer “yes,” but to prove it.



The Child Who Knew Too Much
The Mind Reader’s Handshake
The Mystic Paper
Perfected Book Test
The Devil Knows
Truly False Prophet
Zenner and Rhine
Subconscious Thought Transmission
Third Eye Mystery
Name and Sign
Drinks Prophecy
No Pain
Thought Collector
Long Distance Telepathy
Two Very Secret Digits
The Book of Passwords
Falling Coins by Dee Christopher

A Word of Caution

Duplica: Half Billet Peek
Blank Reading: Half Billet Peek
Opaque: Full Billet Peek
The Black Billet
Acidus Drawing

Impression Devices
The Scanner: Impression Device
The Best Pre-show You Will Ever Find
$1,000 Mind Reading Case
Amazing Psychic Sharpie Twins

Forcing Thoughts
Invisible Dice Force
Half Life Equation Force
Justifying The Existence of Lists
The Black Notebook
Hands Off Variation

Propless mind reading
Guessing Colors
Guessing ESP symbols
Guessing Names: Celebrity-Deathmatch
Guessing Star Signs: Monkeying Around By Peter Turner

Revealing Meaningful Information
Pseudo-Real Time Reveal
Subconscious Reveal
A Divination Of Nothing

Some Thoughts on Peek Wallets

Airplane Menu
PA for PS
Kolosall 37
The No Justification
The Broken Glass
Thought Stealer
An Unwritten Thought
Into The Rabbit’s Hole
A Whispered Card

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230 pages of pure mentalism.