The Nth Degree by John Guastaferro


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After nearly 14 years, one of our most highly-anticipated book sequels of all time has finally arrived! Enjoy 26 new, masterful effects from one of card magic’s greatest thinkers.

In 2010, John Guastaferro took the magic community by storm with the launch of One Degree, an influential text showcasing how small micro-shifts are often all that’s needed to elevate an effect from ordinary to extraordinary. This beloved book is one of our all-time bestsellers and has since been translated into four different languages.

“There are a few pockets of genuinely good thinking in magic scattered around the world. John Guastaferro occupies one of them.”
Stephen Minch

With The Nth Degree, John brings this revolutionary idea to its greatest heights with 26 stunning new card tricks. Each routine has been refined and road-tested to reach the pinnacle of methodology and entertainment value. From interactive effects designed to get your audience actively involved to novel new approaches for four-of-a-kind effects, this fresh and sophisticated card magic caters to magicians of all skill levels and styles.

“With The Nth Degree, John continues to raise the bar. Exponentially!”
John Bannon

Highlights include:

John’s “Blank Slate” blank deck opener and his hyper-visual, slow-motion deck vanish, “Double Vanish,” which adds a one-degree tweak to his popular “Quadra” effect. His phenomenal matching torn cards effect “Reign of Tearer” is a streamlined handling of Woody Aragon’s “How to Find Your Other Half” that features a surprise ending in which even the eliminated pieces match. You’ll also really love how John adds a new layer to “Omni Deck” routines with “Crystal Clear.”

“Just as someone who loves music can identify a song by Gershwin, a person who loves magic can identify an effect by John Guastaferro. He’s that good.”
David Regal

Along the way, you’ll learn a ton of valuable new sleights like the Smooth Criminal Display, Hands Off Half Pass, and Proximity Peek Control. There are also six thoughtful essays tackling topics like creativity and how to get out of your own way so you can harness the full power of one-degree changes. Everything is wrapped up in a beautiful 158-page hardcover book with detailed explanations and crystal-clear photographs.