The Shift Book by Benjamin Earl(PDF)




The Shift Book by Benjamin Earl


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Ben Earl (author of one of our most praised books, Less is More) is back with an entirely new book that is an equal mix of new effects and practical magic theory. Along with three full routines, and two new sleights, Ben teaches a series of “practice drills” that he uses to make his sleights both effortless and deceptive. You’ll learn:

Spinner: a transposition of two folded and signed playing cards; one held by the spectator and one held at the performer’s fingertips. Those who have previously studied Ben’s two-card transposition work, will quickly discover that this is one of his most deceptive card transpositions.

Just a Second: Ben’s handling of the classic Stop Trick, where the cards are fully shuffled, and the participant gets to stop anywhere they like, yet somehow always find their selection.

Out of Oil: an Out of this World version, where the performer does not touch the deck during or after the participant starts dealing. As with all of Ben’s work, the handling is direct and deceptive.

Overhand DPS: Ben’s handling of the Diagonal Palm Shift, built into a fair-looking overhand shuffle.

Combination Shuffle: a clever false shuffle, that is both innocent and deceptive.

A New Angle: Ben teaches a small adjustment to how you hold a deck of cards that will improve many of the sleights you execute.

The Art of Practice: at The Retreat Costa Rica, Ben unveiled a number of training drills involving a rubber ball, to help break the tension from your sleights. He teaches all of the drills in full detail here.

Influence and Deception: an essay that discusses deception and its relationship to magic.