The Story Deck by Luke Jermay( 2020 – Revised and Expanded)




Revised and expanded for 2020! The Story Deck is Jermay’s radical reimagining of the classic, highly commercial premise, in which the performer shuffles a deck of playing cards to illustrate an entertaining, funny and satisfying story.

This manuscript introduces a collection of Jermay’s brand new, original presentational and methodological additions that transform the effect into something more than ever before.

While the subject matter is classic, the techniques, concepts and presentational frameworks this manuscript reveals breathes fresh new life into it, resulting in something that feels modern and exciting to even expert card magicians and seasoned performers.

A highlight for many will be a brand new, original presentational approach that makes this highly commercial premise perfect for mentalists and mind readers as well as a short section addressing modifying the routine for virtual performance settings.

The manuscript features Jermay’s professional, word for word, script as well as detailed instruction on presentation and the full method for this professional performance piece, all taught in great depth. Everything you need to know to start performing this packs small, plays big routine is included in the 47 page (9,691 word) professionally edited and typeset PDF manuscript.

Forget what you think you know about this classic premise and see it with fresh eyes.  This might just be your next closer.  It offers a wonderful change of pace and texture within a performance and Jermay’s script, approach and presentational framework make it contemporary and memorable for modern audiences.