Theatrical Magic by John Pyka


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A Magician is an actor playing the part of a magician…. Famous words, a famous quote. Too seldom do performers understand and use this philosophy! In this book, John Pyka uses his character Big Daddy Cool, and other original magical routines to teach you the premise and process of taking your magic from the realm of a puzzle, and making it in to THEATER!

Now, many of you will say “but, magic isn’t theater,” or “magic is entertainment in and of itself,” or “the amazement is the meaning.” Magic can (and should) be amazing, it can also be so much more.

A magic show doesn’t have to be a string of special effects and nothing more.

It can tell a story, make a statement, or even instruct or educate.

Unfortunately too many performers have created shows that are nothing but a string of special effects, that has no meaning or relevance. This is one of the reasons that many people regard magic as meaningless diversion (usually for children). It is because so many magicians have made it so. We have removed meaning and relevance from our magic. How sad. So, how do we fix this?

Our hope is that this book will help make a difference. And you, by reading it may well be a part of the change.

Theatrical Magic, in the simplest terms, is magic that is character and story driven.

Whether it is known as Story Telling Magic, Bizarre Magic, Gospel Magic, or some other title, it is magic is that is used by the performer to accomplish several goals. 1) To tell a story, 2) to establish or showcase their character, 3) to solve a problem, 4) to make a statement, or 5) to instruct/educate.

Often, magic accomplishes several of these goals at once. Of course it should go without saying that a fundamental purpose of theatrical magic is to entertain, amaze, and create wonder within the story.

Sections Include: What is Theatrical Magic? The Story Behind the Stories: Swingin’ At The Roxy

Mambo Scarves – Tahloola’s Demise -Titanic Thompson Sidewalk Shuffle – Making Magic Your Own Jiggernaut – Character Development 101 Character Study/Bio Close-Up Stage: – Wonder Pen-atration – Scotch & Soda – Houdini’s Metamorphosis – Everything’s Rosy – The Legend of Billy The Kid – What’s My Motivation? Analyzing The Christ/Anneman Alignment Move – The Grand Stage: The Vizier’s Love – J Johnny’s Angels – Snowstorm in Armenia – Adventures of the Blue Phantom – The Vampire – Exercise In The Absurd: AKA The Pirate Act – Food For Thought Other Voices: – The Key to Room 158 – Nelson Griswold w/ Eugene Poinc – Broom Suspension by Bill Palmer- The Shaman by Jason Michaels BONUS: Tricks for Monkeys – Ruthless Ambition – Discount Ring Flight and Recommended Reading.

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