Think Nguyen – The Coffee Series Episode 1-3




A serie of booklets to share with you, Think’s creative process through original and hard-hitting materials. Mostly based on card magic. Follow his journey into the deep and meaningful understanding of Magic.

Content :

Episode 1

TWO-TWO CARD MONTE : a new twist on the “two card monte”.

A POCKET GAME : after the spectator selects a card and shuffles it fairly. The cardman finds it with the help the spectator’s pocket. I am saying it again : WITH THE HELP OF THE SPECTATOR’S POCKET !

Episode 2

ME/YOU-YOU/ME : when “do as I do” and the “out of this world” merge together, you get this routine. Impromptu, and feels almost hands off.

R-P-S SIGN : you are searching for a very entertaining and fooling “acaan” ? Don’t search anymore. They choose a card. You then play rock paper scissors with them and then reveal the position of the selection without the need to rearrange anything ! Fair and square.

Episode 3

CARRE : probably the cleanest version of touch four cards and they are the 4 aces.

THINKING ON THE ‘Tilt’. From the Tilt to the Rising tilt : an amusing and very fooling control inspired by the tilt and the riser move

DAILY DREAMER DREAMS : a very powerful card to box or card to wallet using the ‘falling tilt’

TILT TRANSPOSITION : a clear and powerful transpo inspired by one of E. Earick thought provocating pieces.