Thirteen Things To Think About by Hector Chadwick




Pamphlet published by Hector Chadwick.
The title is very long but the number of pages is small. Meaning is ” that of the 13 to think in terms of making the original work in the magic of the world or will place called”. Up to that point, 13 basic ways of thinking about how to create original works are introduced.

By the way, when it comes to creative thinking, it’s a human being who thinks that he is not a creator who has a proven track record, but he is persuasive. But who is Hector Chadwick? It’s a place where no product hits (*), but when I read the preface, “ I haven’t played in public more and more recently, but for a long period of my life, I have made a living by helping other magicians create. ‘

He’s one of the co-authors of Derren Brown’s show. Brown’s show is of amazing quality with the Lawrence Olivier Award (**) award and is also available on youtube. Anyway, it’s definitely the top creator in the industry.