Tricks With Your Phone by Marc Kerstein




I’ve written my first PDF. It’s called “Tricks With Your Phone”.
It’s 27 pages long. The main attraction is:

An Impromptu Book Test With ANY Website.
Your spectator chooses any website, thinks of a word on the page, and you’re able to tell them exactly what word they’re thinking of.
(As Michael Weber put it: “Marc’s “Any Website Booktest” is worth four times the asking price of his entire book.”)

You’ll also learn some bonus tricks including:

Siri reveals what card your spectator randomly chooses.
Your spectator selects a card. You ask Siri what card your friend chose. Siri reveals some information before automatically messaging your friend the reveal.

Your phone determines the result of random coin tosses.
A coin is tossed multiple times, and your phone reveals the results in a novel way.

A photo card prediction signed with the spectator’s initials.
A card is selected by your spectator. When opening your photos, you show that you took a photo of their card earlier and even signed their initials on it.

Plus you’ll receive:

  • Ideas and breakdowns to help you easily create your own effects such as these.
  • Access to the Tricks With Your Phone website with downloadable materials for all effects taught. The site will be updated over time as more effects are devised and released by myself and the community.

Note: you will need an iPhone 5S or later, capable of running iOS 12 or later.