trip. by Rick Holcombe


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An eBook featuring three original 3-coin routines and six new sleights.



  • Slick Click- a sneaky click pass that happens in the natural act of displaying the coins.
  • Sly Palm- a new palming position that can replace many other things. Palm a coin in full view of the audience with your hand wide open!
  • Edge Grip Click- an awesome sound illusion that gives the audible impression of a coin held in you empty hand.
  • Lazy Himber- learn an easier way to execute the Himber count with just one minor adjustment.
  • Pulled From Nowhere- a beautiful appearance of a coin from seemingly empty hands.
  • FROPS- inspired by Dr. Rubinstein’s ROPS move, FROPS happens with a fan of coins at the fingertips.


In the first routine “Compression”  three coins compress into two, then into one, then into nothing. They all rematerialize back to existence in three highly visual ways, one at a time.


The second routine “Three’s A Crowd” is a fun three coin vanish, re-appearance, and transportation to the coin purse. And the whole time you only use two coins!


The last routine “Trinity” features a sudden appearance of three coins at once at the fingertips, followed by a vanish of all three at once. The coins return one by one, then magically travel from one hand to the other. In the end, each coin vanishes one by one  into thin air from where they came.



SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced