Truth Fables by Ben Blau (eBook)




About Truth Fables


Truth Fables is the fantastic new book from 2019 Eugene Burger Legacy Award-Winner, Ben Blau. A follow-up to his best-selling book, Asymptotes, with Truth Fables Ben delivers another outstanding collection of effects from his own performing repertoire. Foreword by Jeff McBride, Truth Fables is a whopping 500 pages, illustrated with 400 black and white photographs. Truth Fables contains not only a huge assortment of the sophisticated card effects Ben is known for all around the world, but also some of his prized non-card effects. Lightning calculation, direct mind reading, drawing duplications, impossible coincidences, and more.


Here’s what notable performers are saying about Truth Fables by Ben Blau:

“This book will Blau your mind!”
– Max Maven

“Imploding minds is what Ben is great at. Eugene Burger loved Ben’s magic. I do too!”
– Jeff McBride

“This is the book Ben was born to write. He explores and creates miracles. It is a joy to read, lavishly photo illustrated, and unique. I promise you will find several routines that will go right into your act. Even mentalists. The quality and quantity make it a must have. It will be an instant classic and a book you will refer to again and again. It thrills me.”
– Marc Salem

“In mentalism, Ben Blau is a master in the art of subtlety. With Truth Fables, Ben demonstrates his art through playing cards, and more. The card routines alone can be used as a metaphorical model for any non-card demonstration, and what Ben is offering you here could just end up transforming into the blueprint of your greatest future routine.”
– Alain Nu

“Ben Blau is a thinker. A very deep thinker. In this latest huge work, Truth Fables, you will see how he applies that thinking to create some incredible, powerful mentalism with a deck of cards. Myriad plots are discussed, and you will be inspired at how Ben has constructed deeply fooling mysteries with the devil’s playthings. This is not some funky, quick ‘how to do’ book. This is the work of a gentleman who leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of deception. Enjoy the journey!”
– John Carey