VOICELESS by Ali Foroutan

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Voiceless is a fresh way to perform Propless Mentalism at its best!

As a magician or mentalist, we should always be ready to astound our audiences, even if we have nothing on us or anything prepared.

With the ‘VOICELESS’ principle, you will be able to reveal thoughts with nearly 100% accuracy, completely impromptu.

Playing cards, drawings, star signs, words, without your spectator ever having to say a word. They will remain completely silent, and you will be able to tell them their thoughts in just under a minute.

This principle is so easy, yet so deceptive. When you discover the method, you will laugh at how simple it is. It has fooled many magician and mentalist that has seen it!

Basic effect:

You ask a spectator to think about a random card. You ask him to put both hands in front and to decide which hand represent YES and which hand represent NO – but NOT to tell you which one is which at any time!  You ask him few simple questions while your spectator is not saying a word only watching his hands… yet in the end you are able to nail the chosen card he thought of. Same variation is presented with Pictures, zodiac, words and more…


Perfect for virtual shows, or real performances … it is your choice! 

Also as a BONUS, you will learn how to do an impromptu ‘Mind Power’ deck effect with a completely normal deck of cards.
This will look identical to the original ‘Mind Power’ deck effect but with no gimmicks.

What do you get:

76 page E-book with extremely detailed and easy to understand Voiceless techniques and many variations and routines, including anagrams, patterns and more.

Downloadable video with Ali Foroutan, Amir & Guy… giving you a quick guide into the book, Interview, ideas, subtleties and more…

Voiceless is a tool you should have in your knowledge base and use at your convenient.

Here is what a few of the pros think about Voiceless!

Dan Harlan :
“A fascinating, practical new technique for deciphering people’s thoughts without them even saying a word. I love it! And all mentalists need to learn it”

Richard Webster:
“What a wonderful entertaining way to perform a horoscope divination. I was captivated by the entire presentation, the principle is wonderful, and I’m looking forward to using it. ”

Anthony Jacquin:
“Got fooled twice by Ali Foroutan today without me speaking a word! Sweet voiceless principle.”

Christopher Taylor:
“A routine that could become addicting to perform, achieved with an ingenious method”

Haim Goldenberg:
I really liked the thinking and approach in this system.  Personally I’m not a big fan of prop-less mentalism but this book made me try and even love to perform it.  Highly recommend!

Alain Nu:
“From Iran, there is Ali Foroutan, who is both an engaging performer as well as the creator of his amazing displays.”

Nicholas Einhorn:
“What a great method and baffling method, its fooled me too!  Very versatile. Love it. So much potential”

Mark Chandaue:
Solid propless mentalism that fools. I love the versatility of this. Ali showed me a star sign revelation, a playing card reveal and a drawing duplication and nailed it every time.

Mariano Goni:
“I wasn´t expecting something so direct and propless. I can´t even rememeber when was the last time an effect hit me so hard! Congratulations!”

Adam Wilber:
“I’ve seen a lot of work on this type of effect and what Ali has done here is truly special. My hat is off to you my friend! Very well done!!!”

Ben Cardall
“Voiceless is a superb piece of direct propless Mentalism. A tool that can be tailored by the performer for any situation. Especially where nothing more is required than ones ability to speak and see the spectator. Awesome work! Thoroughly recommend” 

“Ali helps us continue to evolve one more tool in our belt in literally reading people. I think his addition also gives the mind reader plenty of room to make one’s own presentation and make it his own.”

Jan Forster:
“Very clever and good thinking! I like it, it‘s fooling – and creative.”

Nico Heinrich:
“I was very surprised when Ali got my card three times in a row without me saying a word! It feels real and I would definitely use it.”

Robert Watkins:
“Ali’s ‘Voiceless’ is one of the most fooling propless effects Ive seen in a long time. So often propless routines are either transparent or not reliable and it seems Ali has been able to make an idea that is neither.”

Jacob Smith :
“Ali’s Voiceless is a fooling, elegant, and clever solution to an age old problem! I was speechless, top notch thinking and I’m very excited to see what comes next!”

Rocco Silano:
“it was so much fun to spend 5 min with his new approach to mentalism is very refreshing, fooled me while entertaining me.”

Steve Gore:
“Voiceless by Ali Foroutan is a prop-less wonder!  Perfect for virtual shows or face-to-face walkaround

Mentalism at its cleanest and best!”

Paul Brook:
“A seemingly impossible way to determine the thoughts of another.”

Adrien Lochon:
“Great mix of originality and classic propless methods, Direct, fooling and surefire propless mentalism. What else could you ask for?!”

Ori Ascher:
“No propless method had fooled me for over a year. This one did, and it feels amazing! So quick, so direct, yet so fooling. This is a tool you will use!”