Voodoo 2.0 by Nathan Kranzo (Instant Download)




Howdy! Nathan Kranzo here with one of his worker tricks that is consistently the most requested from his audiences. Use the power of voodoo to make playing cards fold inside the boxes and business cards burn in your audience’s hands. Do that hoodoo that the Kranzilla does so well with Voodoo 2.0.

Here’s what happens:
A freely selected playing card is signed, lost in the deck, and then put back in the box on the table. The magician introduces one of their business cards, and writes the name of the spectator on it forging a connection between the business card and the selection. To prove they are connected the magician folds the playing card into a small bundle. The audience can open the box and discover their signed card folded in exactly the same way in the middle of the deck. The kicker ending comes when the business card is held tightly in the audience member’s fist. The playing card is set on fire, and when the audience member opens their hand they discover the business card has been torched in the same way.

Voodoo 2.0d has been a go-to effect for Nathan Kranzo for years. He’s performed it thousands of times and teaches you all of the fine points to make this powerful piece of magic play just as strong for you. This effect is not only a memorable way to hand out a business card, but it doesn’t use any gimmicks and everything ends completely examinable. In addition to learning the basic method, you’ll also learn a completely impromptu version that is just as powerful. Check out Nathan Kranzo’s Voodoo 2.0.