What I Could Do After the Lightning Strike by Steve Wachner




From the author of Edison Notes and Tesla Files comes the exciting conclusion to the trilogy.

Steve has traveled across the United States and collected stories of lightning strike survivors who gained seemingly supernatural powers. These stories form the basis for everything that follows in the PDF.

THIS IS NOT A BOOK FOR BEGINNERS. Beginners may take inspiration from the essays in Lightning, but the effects within are written for working pros and those that want to appear real in daily life.

“This is real world LIFE CHANGING Mentalism. The effects are easy to do, but very strong.” – Reese Goodley

Clap Hands — a modular palm reading system that you can add to your current knowledge or use on its own to appear as an instant expert.

+/- by Craig Logan — your spectator chooses positivity every time. An instant classic business card routine with a beautiful message.

Songs of the Century — You guess a song stuck in someone’s head and then are able to get it out in the most impressive way possible!

Sea Change — This is the REAL DEAL. Learn how to change a belief about your participant in a theatrical way. Any time, anywhere, with no preshow, no hypnosis, no failure. This will become a skill that is always on you for audiences large and small.

“Sea Change is the BEST THING you’ve shown me.” – Adrien Lochon

4 essays. 4 effects. 4 survivors. These are super powers. This is “What I Could do After the Lightning Strike.”