Which Hand Method and Philosophy by Timon krause






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Special credit also goes out to Alex Ward who was the first to use the same methodology within a which hand routine. Both MindFX and Timon are very grateful to Alex for allowing us to share his thoughts on this technique with all owners of this book.

“You’re a f***ing idiot. I’d have kept this a secret forever.” – Colin McLeod

“I saw this effect about 5 years ago when travelling through Holland and it fooled the s**t out of me. My only guess was that Timon was guessing, I was wrong, he knew! When I found out the method I smiled without saying a word for about two minutes. I Highly, highly recommend it.” – Peter Turner

“The single most convincing method for the which hand effect that you will ever learn!” -Michael Murray

“A child’s minded simplicity that makes this a purely genius method.” – Fraser Parker

“You think you’re getting just another which hand trick? You don’t! What you get is an unbelievable essay about Timon’s Which Hand Sequence, with all the psychological details. I promise you there’s no other script out there like it. I had the pleasure to see Timon perform this sequence many times! And – you wouldn’t believe the method if you knew it. Plus it’s a book beautifully produced in collaboration with Michael Murray. So safe your copy!” – Rainer Mees, Paralabs