Will Fern LIVE (Penguin LIVE)




“Will Fern lights up a room even before he enters it. He’s the total package: high-energy personality, hysterical comedy, great audience interaction, phenomenal chops and highly original thinking. Add to that the fact that he is a really fine teacher and communicates his points extremely well.” -Marc DeSouza

“He performs with such contagious great energy… and all of his creations have that quality built into them.” -Asi Wind

“Anyone that performs strongly and prolifically is someone I listen to when they speak. The best advice comes from real world workers like them, and Will Fern is one of those guys. Magicians… pay attention.” -Jon Armstrong

“I know Will’s work intimately. His card behind the back will fool you badly, and his memorized deck work is first rate. Will is a thoughtful and uber-experienced worker. All of his friends are students. I’m happy to be one of them.” -Bob Sheets

“Will Fern is one of the unsung heroes of magic. He isn’t the “name” you hear all the time, but if you ask those “famous” magicians about him they say two things “Beast” and “incredible performer”. Will Fern is the magician other entertainers hire for their private events. Hilarious, killer sleight of hand, and a real worker. I hate following him……and I love watching him work.” -Mark Calebrese

“This is not pie in the sky stuff. This is stuff that will uses all the time (and now, so do I), and so will you.” -Rich Bloch

“I’ve personally seen Will fool, entertain and completely destroy both top notch magicians and laymen. He’s a real worker that knows how to perform the right material in close-up situations. Highly recommended!” -Karl Hein

“I met Will Fern and saw his magic. I became his friend to learn the secrets of his magic. Now he is just giving these amazing secrets away to anyone that will shell out a few bucks. I feel ripped off. Go buy the DVDs. There is great material for real practical working conditions.” -John George

“Will Fern is an exceptional performer. I have rarely seen a magician be able to entertain a crowd like him. His energy is as high as his talent. On top of being an amazing technician, Will also has a true sense of what is magical and entertaining for an audience. So listen to him, watch him closely and get ready to laugh as much as you will be fooled!” -Boris Wild

“After seeing Will in action, you’ll be inspired by his innovative approach to magic. He absolutely loves what he does for a living, and his enthusiasm rubs off in spades!” -Anthony Asimov

“Will Fern is a master at what he does. This lecture will make you a better magician in so many ways.” -Joe Rindfliesch

“Six hours of great performances, interviews and an insight in to a funny and talented working magician. There is so much to take away from this and not just the tricks. The thinking behind the magic, the structure of routines and seeing him work for real people in real conditions is what makes this such a special project. Will has just got himself another huge fan.” -Paul Romhany, *Reviewing the DVD “BRING IT!” for Vanish Magazine

What will he teach?

Strolling magic is his specialty, and in this lecture he will use several of his award-winning effects to illustrate important topics like:

What to perform for who and why

What makes a great opener

How to pack your pockets for the room you’re in

How to approach groups of people

How to turn a series of random tricks into a Show

How to (REALLY) find out who you are, and put it in your work

The 3 types of special tricks to have with you at all times

How to be in 10 places at once at a gig

And THE 3 GOLDEN RULES of performing magic in the real world that will GUARANTEE success wherever you are.

And much, MUCH more!

Shock and Awww…– Will’s workhouse- the backbone of his strolling and Magic Castle Act. Practical, powerful, simple…and sets the stage for the party. This routine, and the coin routine that follows, are what won the IBM Strolling title for him.

Through and Through/Over and Under- This visually stunning “OMG you gotta see this!” coin magic barrage is Will’s go to favorite routine, and is a beautiful, practical, professional masterpiece.

Sponge Game and Pearl Poodles- aka THE FUNNEST, MOST ENGAGING strolling set for kids you’ve ever seen. They’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and everyone wins in the end.

Sponge Bunnies –Will’s turbo-charged routine is an act unto itself. You’ll learn why people kept coming back to see him for YEARS at his restaurant gigs. Totally fun, totally jazzable.

Sol Stone’s Abra-Viagra –Will’s insanely fun presentations for an overlooked impromptu masterpiece that you WILL use…for all ages…a LOT!

Drop Box –Fooler Alert: Will tips a devious control and a WTH ending that’s a huge crowd pleaser. In this trick…you will also learn Will’s best kept secret – a totally invisible palm technique you have to NOT see to believe. Many pros have called it among the best there is.


Will has delivered two standing ovation lectures at Tannen’s Magic Camp…with barely any tricks in them…on how to be a Strolling Magic Superhero. Learn why pros like Doc Dixon have said “Will, you have completely altered how I think about, and do, strolling magic”. Sharpen your pencils students, class is about to begin…

-The Golden Question- Will’s pet technique to get the audience on his side and set the stage for a good time heckle-free show…in 3 seconds.
-What is Walk Away Power?- I’m glad you asked…because it’s the term Will uses to exemplify his strolling magic strategy that for 25 years has kept him in constant demand in NYC – the low attention span capital of the world. He’s “made it there” and he’ll teach YOU how to make it anywhere.
-Why every Batman needs a Robin at a gig- what that means, and how it will make your clients adore you.
-You’ll also learn Will’s popular technique for being in 10 places at once…literally…at a party or restaurant gig…you will LOOOOOOVE this, and it WILL transform your strolling work.

Finally…worth the price of the lecture…Will’s very practical lesson on how to Know Thyself…as others see you, and as you can use that in your work to deepen and strengthen everything you do. The real work on being a Performer.

Who is he?

Will Fern is an NYC magic veteran with the kind of real world experience gurus are made of. He “made it there, and he can make it anywhere”…that’s what this lecture is all about…what he wished he knew 30 years ago about real world performing that he knows now…and wants to teach YOU, so you can make your magic dreams come true as well. He’s an IBM Strolling Champ, a Magic Castle Close-Up and Parlour regular, a 4f and cruise ship guy, along with decades of countless corporate gigs, restaurant gigs, weddings, nursing homes, kids shows, and every type of party under the sun. A true road warrior and lover of the art.