Zee J. Yan LIVE (Penguin LIVE)




“Zee is one of the BEST sleight of hand artist I have ever known.” -Henry Harrius (FISM Award Winner)

“It’s been said that you should practice until the difficult becomes easy, and the easy becomes beautiful. Zee has made the beautiful Immaculate.” -Eric Jones (AGT Semifinalist)

“Zee has a real soft touch with coins, and that is the exact KEY objective of my work. I love his magic!” -Lawrens Godon

“Zee is a prodigy. Hands down one of the best sleight of hand artists and creators of our generation. He continues to inspire me today with his smooth hands and beautiful approach to magic.“ -Dennis Kim

“I’ve never seen the lecture. Tell me if it’s good.” -Tony Chang
“I wrote this lecture. Thank me later”. -Zee ‘Tony Chang’ Yan

What will he teach?

If you can follow bullet-point style of explanation, then you will be able to learn and master every single piece of magic from this lecture.

Roth Retention- Seemingly no finger is moving but the whole hand is in play to create a strong illusion. Tribute to David Roth’s take on retention vanish.
Grab Retention- A retention that is specifically designed to fit parlor performance.
Toss Retention- One of the easiest yet useful retention for table hoppers.
Elf Retention- Actually lets go of the coin right before stealing the coin, isn’t that what all coin magicians have dreamed of?
Peak Vanish- Academical coin vanish that makes no sense but visually stunning.
Mom’s Production- Use angles and motion to make coin production look & feel truly magical.
Son’s Production- Extremely easy yet visual coin production with no fluttering fingers motions.
Ukawa Retention- A retention vanish that can be done without any cover.
Ukawa Sub. Retention- Retention designed to be used for tall spectators.
Click Pass- One of the easiest yet extremely convincing click pass.
Click Steal- A utility move that’s so beautiful that will make you want to share the mechanics with your spectators.
ROPS Move- Zee’s take on Michael Rubinstein’s ROPS Move is a ROPS Move for dummies.
ROPZ Move- ROPS Move but for elegent creatures.

Osaka- Part of Zee’s 4F act which got him greatest compliments from the legends.
3 Coins Across- Streamlined 3 coins across that Zee uses to fool magicians.
2 Coins Across- Even more simplified coins across routine that can make you look like a technical monster.
HD Coins Across- Zee’s choice of coin magic in front of lay spectators.

Fat Shuffle- In the hand Zarrow Shuffle that starts from a faro shuffle.
Sourine Control- Extremely easy control that fooled numerous magicians.
Double Rift- Double Lift designed for parlor performers.
Ego Control- Zee came up with EGO Control to control his own ego.

Fat Triumph- Magicians will be more amazed with the method while lay spectators are busy getting mesmerized.
Uncle Triumph- The most simple and direct triumph that can fool magicians.

Glycine Poker– Extremely easy and clean prediction effect.
Breath Mint- One of the cleanest Open Prediction that is also extremely easy and simple.

iBillet- Use a borrowed phone as a billet.

Who is he?

Zee was one of the slowest learner among his magician friends when he was just starting out. Others were able to learn and perform routines within a few days only, but it usually took Zee weeks to get down merely the techniques from those routines.

That made Zee think, “maybe the reason I can’t do these moves is because these moves are flawed!”

Ever since Zee blamed the problems on the magicians who designed those routines and techniques rather than accepting his untalented hands, he has been focusing on streamlining the routines and simplifying the techniques that he already knows rather than trying to learn something new every other day.

Zee has suffered from not being able to learn magic just by watching/reading explanations, so he knows the pain and also knows how to relieve the pain.

Since Zee had to dissect routines & techniques into smallest pieces and learn from there, Zee knows how to teach what he knows in the simplest language possible so anyone can learn from him.