Zoom Magic Made Simple By Andrew Green (Instant Download)




From basic set up & equipment to easy to use software and settings, learn how to create an amazing virtual show from the comfort of your own home.
In this 2Hr tutorial Andrew Green teaches his tried and tested techniques to performing close up parlour magic and family shows to people across the globe. Having performed over 150 virtual shows during the course of 2020, Andrew has developed his existing professional repertoire into easy workable interactive zoom presentations.
You will be taken through the whole zoom show process from set up to in show controls along with a whole load of amazing virtual magic.
This engaging style of virtual magic is guaranteed to take your online shows to the next level.
If you are new to virtual magic shows then Andrew will take you through an easy set up and in show system to enable you and your audiences to enjoy the whole experience. Having experienced every problem possible during virtual shows Andrew will show you how to avoid the pitfalls.

He also teaches you how to present on camera and keep your virtual audience members engaged throughout.
Also included
Performance Techniques
Family Show Ideas & Tips
Marketing Ideas and Booking Shows
Live ETicket Event Resources and Advice
In Show Recordings & Security advice

You Also Will Learn
4 Amazing EASY TO DO Effects Direct From Andrew’s Corporate Close Up Show
Gypsy Thread
Virtually Invisible
Shopping Online (Virtual Confabulation)
Virtually Ambitious
Along with Children’s Show Props & Routines.

Get Online Today with Zoom Magic Made Simple